Blogs are like butts; everyone has one and some are better than others. This blog has PSX_20180713_223649been through numerous iterations. Here, you will find reviews of different gear (e.g., bags, knives, watches), short reviews on entertainment (i.e., books, music, movies, and T.V. shows), thoughts on religion, and experiences and opinions on graduate school and special education.

About Me

Assistive technology specialist and graduate student by day; bag and watch nerd by night. Jack of few trades trying (and not always succeeding) to be a master of many. Enjoys spy novels, sports, games, and bike rides. Terrified of large spiders and heights (seriously, won’t even go on swings at the play ground).

Behind the Name

Called “sticks” and “bones” as a youth due to having the physique of young cherry tree–which hasn’t changed, by the way. “Narrow” represents not only a physical appearance but also one of life style. A person cannot go through life pleasing everyone. One must be “narrow” in life pursuits if a finish line is to ever be reached. Goals are to be set, plowed, revised, and attained. Ever scanning for truth, interest, and purpose, yet firmly focused on the path that leads to achievement.


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