Just a place to put my thoughts. I post occasional reviews of EveryDay Carry items, such as knives, lights, wallets, bags, etc. Book and entertainment (e.g., TV shows and movies) reviews will also make an appearance. Mostly I write on the constructs of intellectual and developmental disabilities. I am not a scholar on the subject; just a curious thinker. Therefore, some of my ideas might not mesh with what scholars have already agreed upon as “doctrine.” I am constantly reading, learning, and writing my thoughts. Posts on this blog should be viewed as evolving ideas and not concrete view points or statements of fact.

About Me

Assistive technology specialist and graduate student by day; bag and watch nerd by night. Jack of few trades trying (and not always succeeding) to be a master of many. Enjoys spy novels, sports, games, and bike rides. Terrified of large spiders and heights (seriously, won’t even go on swings at the play ground).

Behind the Name

Called “sticks” and “bones” as a youth due to having the physique of young cherry tree–which hasn’t changed, by the way. In fact, doctors were concerned that there might be something wrong with me, some sort of genetic or physical disability, because I was so skinny. Turns out it was genetic; my dad is a skinny guy as well. This little anecdote highlights that some times what we call a “disability” is a matter of contextual lenses through which we view the modern world.

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