There are a few things to consider when someone designs a roller coaster. 1. There has to be climbs and falls, dips and turns, for a roller coaster to be worth riding. 2. The roller coaster has to fit within a set of constraints (safety measures, space, etc.). 3. The total ride has to be timed right as to not be too long or short for the experience to be worth a person’s time. 

Life is like a roller coaster. In life (home, social, work), there are going to be climbs and falls, dips and turns, that fit within a time period for each person. There will always be safety measures in the forms of other people, setting, and divine guidance. The most important thing to remember is to not compare a climb to a fall, or a dip to turn. The best effort we can give at any one point in time will look different from our previous best efforts and the efforts we will make in the future. We do our best to stay on the “roller coaster” and reach to the sky with each climb, fall, dip, and turn. Did I do the best I could THIS DAY? If the answer is yes, hold your face to the sun and enjoy the ride. If the answer is no, look forward; another opportunity is coming shortly.


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