There is too much hatred in the world. And much of it is done under the disguise of fighting for right over wrong or moral values. We get so caught up in advocating for righteousness that we are blinded by our wickedness. One example of this is the recent Rust movie accident. Instead of showing empathy, some have taken advantage of the situation to attack individuals for past and present stances on gun control. Real men see boundaries in debates. It is okay to debate critical issues, such as gun control. However, debate without limits is not debate; it is simply attacking our fellow man for sport. A real man recognizes when to put the debate on hold and show empathy. Whether it is a case like the Rust shooting, or any other incident in which an unfortunate incident has taken place, we need to step back and realize that we are all human. We all make mistakes. We all have a desire to do good. And, most importantly, we all belong to family of God. If God Himself can show us empathy, then can’t we do the same for others?


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