Diaper Bags for Dads: Where are They?

My wife and I are expecting our first child shortly. After extensive searching, she finally PSX_20190101_190400settled on a diaper bag that appears to be fairly popular on Amazon (pictured on right). I examined it after purchase (after all, I do love bags) and wasn’t that impressed. It appears a big small and the zippers are low quality. The interior is almost neutral in color (a cream with a slight rose hue to it); the exterior as well (medium grey). However, I wanted to know what other manly options exist, so I took a look around. I was not impressed. Continue reading “Diaper Bags for Dads: Where are They?”

Chrome Industries Pawn and Orlov 2.0: Impressions

Chrome Industries recently released updated versions (2.0 they call it) of their popular Orlov (30L) and Pawn (42L) backpacks that were discontinued some years back. I fondly remember using a coral-colored Pawn back in my undergrad college days. I could bring everything I needed for the day–plus room to spare–without anything getting wet during a Utah snow. That bag has long been sold in order to fund other items of want, and at a $200 price tag, I am currently unable to procure the updated version. However, I will provide my impressions based on pictures and my deals with the first generation of the bag. Continue reading “Chrome Industries Pawn and Orlov 2.0: Impressions”

Tom Bihn Pilot & Co-pilot: An Honest Review

PSX_20171021_140630Many avid travelers know of Tom Bihn and swear by their bags for quality minimal travel luggage. Even if you aren’t such a traveler, chances are you have heard of the company if you are a knitter, bag enthusiast, or covet organization for work or everyday carry (EDC) bags and accessories. Many video reviews exist for Tom Bihn products; this is not one of them. While I may make video reviews in the future, written reviews are all I currently have time to accomplish. In this review, I will cover an overview of the bag, what I like about it, what I do not like about it, and my personal recommendation. Continue reading “Tom Bihn Pilot & Co-pilot: An Honest Review”