Chrome Industries Pawn and Orlov 2.0: Impressions

Chrome Industries recently released updated versions (2.0 they call it) of their popular Orlov (30L) and Pawn (42L) backpacks that were discontinued some years back. I fondly remember using a coral-colored Pawn back in my undergrad college days. I could bring everything I needed for the day–plus room to spare–without anything getting wet during a Utah snow. That bag has long been sold in order to fund other items of want, and at a $200 price tag, I am currently unable to procure the updated version. However, I will provide my impressions based on pictures and my deals with the first generation of the bag. Continue reading “Chrome Industries Pawn and Orlov 2.0: Impressions”

Efficiency Supply Notebooks: Review of a Field Notes Alternative

Field Notes is a well-established brand of pocket notebooks that many people have as part of their daily carry. I’ve carried their Kraft graph paper version for a few years now and used it for just about everything; shopping lists, personal memos, doodling, etc. Carrying one in the back pocket never seemed right to me. It crumpled easily and fell out every time I went to the bathroom. About a year ago I found a suitable pocket organizer from Rickshaw Bagworks that I have carried everyday since (more on that in another post). Not only does Rickshaw offer the pocket organizer, but they also created their own stationary company–Efficiency Supply–to compete with Field Notes in the pocket notebook space. Here are my findings. Continue reading “Efficiency Supply Notebooks: Review of a Field Notes Alternative”

Warby Parker: Eye and Sun Glasses Review

I didn’t grow up wearing glasses. My eye sight was 20/20 and I wore baseball caps nearly everyday in the summer. Once I got to my junior year of college, I started complaining about the tiny scribbling of self-aggrandizing professors who were too cold to care for proper penmanship. Turns out my eye sight was becoming worse and I needed glasses for reading (sorry professors). I first got glasses at Wal-Mart; mainly due to price and convenience, but also because I didn’t know any better. After some research and YouTube reviews I decided I would try Warby Parker about a year ago with a pair of sunglasses. Continue reading “Warby Parker: Eye and Sun Glasses Review”

Tom Bihn Pilot & Co-pilot: An Honest Review

PSX_20171021_140630Many avid travelers know of Tom Bihn and swear by their bags for quality minimal travel luggage. Even if you aren’t such a traveler, chances are you have heard of the company if you are a knitter, bag enthusiast, or covet organization for work or everyday carry (EDC) bags and accessories. Many video reviews exist for Tom Bihn products; this is not one of them. While I may make video reviews in the future, written reviews are all I currently have time to accomplish. In this review, I will cover an overview of the bag, what I like about it, what I do not like about it, and my personal recommendation. Continue reading “Tom Bihn Pilot & Co-pilot: An Honest Review”

Fortify by Fight the New Drug: Review

Fight the New Drug (FTND) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread awareness on the dangers of pornography, explain pornography addiction, and help those who are addicted to pornography. After establishing a well visited Web site and blog, along with amassing a large following of supporters (known as Fighters), the organization launched a pornography addiction recovery program called Fortify. Continue reading “Fortify by Fight the New Drug: Review”