Quarantine has been difficult. Not because I hate being cooped up in my apartment; I don’t mind that at all. What I don’t like is the lack of production. I am used to working from home one or two days a week. But not all day every day. I feel like I am getting less and less done with school work. My wife also has to work from home (she’s a teacher). And since we no longer can use a babysitter, we have to alternate between who gets to work and who gets to watch our kid. The balancing act was okay at first, but now it is frustrating.

Adding on to the headache is the fact that I have to switch my thesis. Yep! Two years into a three year program and my thesis is getting changed. School closures and difficulty gathering participants before then caused the change (I was doing single case design in a middle school). So I am sitting here writing this at 10pm after working on a whole new literature review for a new topic thesis that I need to have ready by the end of June.

I have gone through so many iterations of what I want this site to be. It went from mens style/lifestyle to gear and entertainment reviews to disability studies and all types of things. Now, I am just writing. I don’t post often enough to keep paying for the domain. So it is either start writing or let it die. So what are you going to find on here? Just me talking about whatever comes to mind and not worrying about who reads it or what anyone thinks of it (people weren’t reading it anyway!).

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