Graduate School: Nine Weeks In

Graduate school started the day after Labor Day. It has been a crazy nine weeks, hence the lack of blog posts. Grad school is not entirely new to me; I completed an M.Ed. program about 18 months before starting my current Ed.S. program. Here is a brief run down of how the weeks have gone.

Weeks 1-2: Lack of sleep. Emotional rollercoaster. Tons of feelings about not measuring up, not belonging, not smart enough to keep the pace. 

Weeks 3-5: Strict adherence to schedules. Tons of reading. Work on projects from thesis advisor and on my own thesis. 

Weeks 6-9: Much more relaxed. Reading is condensed to meet expectations and personal learning. Routines are well entrenched, which allows for flexibility when the unexpected comes around. Free time is now built into the schedule.

Graduate school fluctuates in difficulty. It will start out tough, get better, lull you into a false sense of security, get harder, and repeat. I have found routines to be beneficial, but also an easy way to burn out.

Speaking of burn out, writing can become increasingly difficult. I have spent days writing this extremely short post. The writing demands–thesis, class papers, weekly written responses to readings, etc.–take their toll after awhile. Fighting writer’s block is a constant struggle.

Stay tuned for more updates (assuming I find the time and energy to write between the many other writing tasks that are before me).


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