I didn’t grow up wearing glasses. My eye sight was 20/20 and I wore baseball caps nearly everyday in the summer. Once I got to my junior year of college, I started complaining about the tiny scribbling of self-aggrandizing professors who were too cold to care for proper penmanship. Turns out my eye sight was becoming worse and I needed glasses for reading (sorry professors). I first got glasses at Wal-Mart; mainly due to price and convenience, but also because I didn’t know any better. After some research and YouTube reviews I decided I would try Warby Parker about a year ago with a pair of sunglasses.

The Problem with Buying Cheap

Many people buy cheap sun and eye glasses with the excuse that if they brake or scratch they can be easily replaced. I fell in this camp for years. As I got older and had to use more of my own money for things, my mindset began to shift.

I don’t want to buy and own 50 pairs of glasses. I don’t want to constantly clean cheap glass either. Seriously, I don’t know why, but cheap glasses never stay clean. I also found that I don’t like having to buy glasses that constantly go in and out of style, which is something cheap glasses always do since they are essential copying the looks of “designer” brands.

Warby Parker: The Brand

Warby Parker has been around for a few years (the exact established date I couldn’t find). They came around the time that many other companies were forming or changing to a more affordable price point of frames + lenses and free home testing. Many companies offer similar services and competitive price points; however, I went with Warby Parker primarily from the YouTube exposure.

Sunglasses Review

IMG_20180426_192626_635The first pair of sunglasses I received appeared to be great. Good price at $100. Nice “whisky tortoise” motif. Good sun protection. The fit was off, but I chalked that up to my face being asymmetrical (seriously, it’s bad). It wasn’t until much later–after I couldn’t return them–that I realized it wasn’t my face, but that one arm of the glasses is just way off and defective.

The second pair I received (paid for by me, of course) are great. Great color; great protection; great fit. No quality control issues. No defects. Excellent craftsmanship. They feel solid and durable; not fragile like the cheap $10 pairs you get made in China. The glass cleans nicely, which only needs a good wipe down if I have been sweating. They can collect dust fairly easy; however, I never have a problem seeing through them (the same can’t be said for dusty cheap sunglasses). IMG_20180428_211733_104

Overall, I am happy with my purchases. I have filed my first pair in the “live and learn” section of my life, and keep them in my car as a backup pair.

Eye Glasses Review

IMG_20180501_145653_023Remember everything I said about my second pair of sunglasses? Yea, all of that is the same for the eye glasses. Fast processing and shipping, and it was super easy to add my prescription.

The one knock I have on the eye glasses in the lenses themselves. They aren’t the worst I have seen or used, but I can tell they aren’t the best either. The lenses creek a bit when trying to clean them; almost as if they will pop out if I apply any amount of pressure. While they haven’t scratched or damaged in the few months I have used them, I wonder about the durability.

Overall Verdict

IMG_20180429_114325_156Warby Parker is great, but not perfect. You may encounter some quality control issues (inspect your merchandise carefully). You may also have difficulty finding what you like in your size. I am a skinny fella, so I need narrow frames. This means that my selections are limited on the site, and I am not going to spend the money to experiment with the medium frames (sorry Warby Parker). Also, while all of my purchases were $99, many of their more popular styles are now in the $145-195 price range, taking them out of the short list running for best bargain brands for many people.

Do I love my purchases? Yes. Would I buy for them again? Absolutely (but, I am a creature of habit).

Overall Score:

Price: 8/10

Style/Selection: 8/10

Customer Service: 8/10 (gotta knock that quality control, otherwise it would be a 10)

Durability: 9/10

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