What Shall a Man Give in Exchange for His Soul?

These words from the Book of St. Mark strike a cord with me when contemplating the dangers of pornography: “Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”-Mark 8:37. Each and every time a person views pornography, they trade away a portion of their soul until nothing but a husk remains.

In my deepest and darkest moments of the addiction of pornography, I felt great; or so I thought. The reality was that I felt nothing at all. I was blessed with a brief realization that I no longer believed in God, or had faith in the redeeming, sanctifying, and strengthening power of God and Jesus Christ. I felt no Eternal love nor presence. I had, in that moment of my life, lost my soul. And for what? Pleasure that was so “meaningful” that I had to engage in it again and again in order to remember it? Thousands of pictures of naked women, most of which I could never remember again? Was it really worth the exchange?

No amount of joy can ever be had through consuming pornography. Selfish pleasure and fleeting personal gratification are the best you can hope for through pornography addiction. True joy and lasting happiness will only come as you focus your time and efforts on other people’s needs and improving their lives. If you want personal fulfillment, then study the lives of prophets in scripture and modern times. Study the Book of Genesis; you will find why God made Eve immediately after Adam, instead of creating Adam and then several sexy concubines to make him “happy and fulfilled.”

There is a law in finance and business of diminishing returns. I would say that pornography has that law as well, except there really isn’t a return to be diminished. People say that nothing is wrong with pornography because no one gets hurt. Truth is, however, that the people who say that have been hurt immensely without even realizing it. They have been struck with deep wounds and locked in a freezer to mask the pain. Pornographers sit back laughing and mocking while they are oblivious to their current state.

I cannot tell you that quitting pornography will be easy. I cannot say that there will not be relapses. I cannot say that your life will be perfect and free of trouble or heartache. However, you will be able to feel again; to find joy again. If you value your soul, or wish to reclaim it, then get rid of pornography and avoid it as the deadly spiritual disease it truly is.


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  1. Zach says:

    Thanks for your honest and genuine thoughts


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