My (Current) EDC (March 2017)

Everyday carry (EDC) is popular around the Web–from blogs to YouTube channels. Pictured below is my current set up. It isn’t much, but this is what I carry on my person everyday. Some individuals carry what seems to be 50lbs. of gear in their pants. Others include what is in their bag with their EDC setup. In another post, I will go over what I carry in my messenger bag. For now, I will focus on just what is in my pockets, on my wrist or around my neck. Let’s take a closer look at the items, from left to right.


First, I have a Field Notes pocket notebook in natural wood binding. I use it to jot down notes for blog posts, to-do lists, and anything I don’t want to forget. The 48 pages are the perfect length, and the grid paper makes it great for bullet points, sentences, or drawings.

Next, I have my wallet. It is a front pocket wallet from Cuoieria Fiorentina in Italy. I choose among another wallet from the same company, as well as front pocket wallets from Rogue and Saddleback Leather, every few weeks. I love front pocket wallets because I don’t have to worry about pick pockets or my butt hurting from sitting on it.

On top of the wallet you will see my wedding ring. It is yellow gold with parallel lines of white gold running through the top of the band. It’s has been almost 3 years (this coming July) of wonder marriage, so there are plenty of scratches and dings in it, but I have no plans of ever getting it replaced.

Next, I have a Fisher Space Pen. Goes with the Field Notes. Always works; never had a problem with it. Most importantly, I hardly know it is in there.

Next to the Space Pen is my generic gentleman’s folder. It is a French style slip joint knife I purchased on Amazon a couple of years back. I plan to upgrade my knife to a nice Kizer or Spyderco one day, but for now, this works just fine for my everyday needs.

Underneath the knife is a hymnal. This is a new piece I decided to carry with me. I do not sing, but hymns can be relaxing to read when feeling stressed or anxious. I like to carry it in my jacket pocket; however, that is not always possible (sometimes I’m not wearing one) and I have to keep it in my back pocket. Not sure if it will stay, but I am carrying it for now.

A cross and silver CTR (Choose the Right) ring are next in the picture. Both remind me of my faith and act as a reminder of how I should conduct myself. I have other crosses/crucifixes I wear, but the one pictured is what I was wearing today.

Next to the hymnal is my watch. It is a 38mm Graf Zeppelin chronograph dress watch. I was gifted this watch from my father upon completing my Masters degree. It is not the best or most robust watch on the market, but I love it and will never part with it.

Rounding out my EDC is my phone. I use an LG G4 (case back is what you see in the photo). The model is a couple years old now, but I bought mine new just over a year ago. It works great for my needs, and I probably won’t upgrade for at least another year or so.

Well folks, that is what I carry on me every day. Tell me what you think in the comments. Anything I should add? Next week I will bring you a “what’s in my bag” post that will show you what I take with me if I am going to the library to do some work or running errands. Take care.


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